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  • US666/41

    Reportedly emelia mohaghegh is a 29 years old criminal female suspect under influence of drugs and is carrying HIV + AIDS with saviour history of family history of genetic diseas with no reproductive organ to be able to carry pregnancy . Her father Mohammad taghi mohaghegh is fraud artist and has been detained in iranian political jail . They are a family of fraud and political disfunction in Iran . Be cautious of emelia mohaghegh . Mohammad taghi mohaghegh and lilia mohaghegh evein detainee of fraud and dirty money of her spouse mr. Ghaderi

    10/15/14 4:08 PM
  • Zero tolerance

    Be aware of emelia mohaghegh an protitute with hiv + AIDS no reproductive organ and no female ovary Oran . She carries criminal record with Islamic regim of Iran

    10/03/14 1:07 AM
  • Free lance reporter

    Providing information about is family of fraud and theft in Iran fatimeh nikou and emelia mohaghegh as well as lilia mohaghegh have been under the supervision of an Islamic state attority of Iran , the female suspect emelia is assumed to be born with a sexual organ failure due to her birth defect and carries varies diseases as well as HIV + AIDS STD and many sexual transmited disease due to born illigimately to nikou also known as her nick name with the real authentic birth certificated fatemeh goushadoey her husband has been a political activist against the Islamic republic of Iran regim due to having history with mujaheddin kualq and supporting Israeli region to be getting a job as an spy for the the free lance spy in Iran . Former detaine emelia mohaghegh 30 years old who carries STD and HIV + AIDS has got no reproductive organ and is not able to give birth to a child due to not having a female ovary glands . They also have a history iof many times prison meant for their family living in 7 nasbi St . Vali asr Tehran Iran . Be careful and quite caution indulging with these horror people . As segment f of free lance detective emelia mohaghegh is 30 years old doughter of np fatemeh goushadoey 79 years old former illiterate doughter of asghar a gazvini dessert merchand . And a doughter of Mohammad taghi mohaghegh a spy for Israeli spy acting for a government of Islamic republic of Iran he was also been jailed to to be joined for some spy activity with mujaheddin Khalgh and former detainee of iranian custome of Iran . This statement is legimate

    10/03/14 12:56 AM
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