(604) 644-6926

Phone Number: (604) 644-6926
Search Date: 2018-10-22
Area: Vancouver, BC
Provider Type: Wireless
Carrier Info: TELUS

Comments (604) 644-6926

  • Kim

    Just saw this guy a couple days ago .. EW. Was not worth the money!!

    12/30/15 3:00 PM
  • Yvonne

    PS. For those considering taking Alexander as a client WEAR A CONDOM. His cum smells really ***in awful which usually means hes infected w/ something Nastyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    10/05/15 2:00 AM
  • Yvonne

    For all u ladies that r scared of him, DONT BE. He is so skinny lmaooo. If he ever books w/ me again, I would record the whole session N blackmail him lmaooo. Saw him earlier last week, deep voice can be misleading when he books coz this boy is a SHRIMP in person. Skinny, 5ft 9ishhh, hairy @Cherry > yahh small ***. I have Asian clients with bigger ***s lmaooo. Googled his name as earlier posters suggested. Confirming that this is the same client everyone said ALEXANDER CHARMCHI. He totally used to work at the Apple Store in Richmond. My roommate went to HS with him SMALL WORLD

    10/05/15 1:49 AM
  • Cherry

    Saw this fool a couple weeks ago n he is a stingy assssholeeeeeeeee. Came to my Incall n bargained with me to do anal for free, dream on terrorist! I didn't go through wut everyone else did but prolly cuz he wanted anal. Down to see him again for anal cuz he has such a small *** HAHA n he cums quick w/o condom. Booked for hour, stayed 10. I don't do msog

    10/03/15 1:18 AM
  • Diamond

    This number keep calling me all night today!!! I always double check phone no. before I call back But it's dead today && so I answer. I should have not answer, he a pervert Asking me if I liked to be raped WHAT DA HELL!!! @@ :( :(

    09/28/15 5:00 AM
  • Lisa

    This guy has been a terror to many agencies and independents. Be SAFE out there ladies. Just remember no amount of money is worth any type of abuse. I googled his name, and according to his LinkedIn, he works for Vancity - is this the kind of people they hire? Violent, child obsessed psychopaths?

    09/19/15 4:25 PM
  • Alyssa

    I'm an escort, and this guy always books with me and he always requests for me to dress like a little girl. Pig tails and onesies (which he brought for me) I got really creeped out the 4th visit because he wanted me to role play, and asked me to act like I did when I was 5!!

    But by the sounds of everyone else's reviews, he is one psycho path.

    I get what everyone else is saying though. He is way too rough. When you ask him to slow it down, he gets upset. Like he owns you because he is paying for that time. I am going to stop seeing after reading all of this. So scary!

    09/19/15 2:39 PM
  • Anita

    I just got a text from this # Good thing I google his # first!!! I talked to other escort I work with right now n she say she had him before N he asked her if she was willing to see his dad!!!! O my god!!! So fuk upppppp!!! This guy *** up, and his family *** up!!! Dad n son!!! So fuk up!!! Someone say he is Iraqi???? Iraqi people fuk up!!! Stay away everybody!!!! He no safe!!! He super pervert!!!

    09/18/15 1:15 PM
  • Mayoka

    Yuh!!! I hear he no good!!! He used to come to my Incall in Richmond n the other ppl I work with always tell me that he like painful sex And that he no let u use lube n he just spit instead of using lube Many times girls say the condom breaks while they have sex with him 6046446926 is dangerous!!!! Many places block him!!! I cannot believe he still out there!!!! Dangerous person!!!!

    09/18/15 1:06 PM
  • Megan

    This dudes name is Alexander Charmchi. I work for an agency DT & we have so many issues w/ him, I heard he was banned from 2 other agencies cos he's so hard to deal w/. Many girls complain about him like his 'fetishes' are really ***ed up >.< I think he's Iraqi or sumthin. He asked to book w/ me today & the agency told me to block him >.< by everyone else's comment he sounds really ***in awful and horrible >.< glad I never had him as a client. But his number and his face is in my agency's 'creep' list lols

    09/17/15 7:18 PM
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