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Phone Number: (999) 910-0544
Search Date: 2017-12-17
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Comments (999) 910-0544

  • c

    999-910-0544 is a scam
    the trouble is, our govt which we pay billions in taxes to could protect us from this since it is known, but they take no action - why? Because of the cheap labor we get from India (source of call).

    I just talk to them and keep them on the line as long as possible. It ties up their time. just don't give them anything but made up data, or act glad they called and tell about fake problems your computer has. Anything you want - just don't give them any real data at anytime.

    06/27/13 4:10 PM
  • j. e.

    They are a scam, trying to get you to allure them to log into your "microsoft computer that has been infected with a virus".. I an almost 100% they are attempting to hack into the pc for purposes of identify theft. On top of that they are very rude, and harassed my mother with repeated calls .. I'm reporting them to the better business bureau

    05/06/13 11:07 AM
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