(956) 720-0290

Phone Number: (956) 720-0290
Search Date: 2018-04-20
Area: Edinburg, TX
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (956) 720-0290

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Gascho

    04/21/14 6:32 PM
  • Joie

    from facebook, as Jennifer Darakjian, there was also the
    Text me sometime 956-720-0290
    it was last Sept.10,2013

    12/31/13 1:11 PM
  • clrx

    Jessica Mineo
    I just added u because I liked your pic.
    Do you like piercings?
    ugh I gotta log off right now :<
    Txet me some time 956-720-0290 k?

    I vet on my facebook..

    10/22/13 10:05 PM
  • Anonymous

    Thx 4 adding me..
    What do u do for fun?
    I gotta log out right now
    Text me some time 956-720-0290 k?

    Name: Jennifer Gutches

    10/13/13 4:38 PM
  • Anonymous

    Just contacted my husband as Nicole aneo on Facebook

    10/11/13 9:04 AM
  • Anonymous

    Jessica nesbitt contacted me in Facebook 10/8/13
    Said she liked my picture I noticed we had mutual friends, though when I checked her pictures there was only one.

    10/09/13 1:16 PM
  • diablo

    Nicole Jerez
    Nicole Jerez
    I just added u because I liked ur photo.
    What are you looking 4 in a woman?
    I have to sign off right now
    Hit me up if u wanna talk 956-720-0290

    10/04/13 2:36 PM
  • BW

    Nicole Brightman
    Thanks for the add..
    What do you do for fun?
    I have to log off rgiht now
    Text me sometime 956-720-0290

    10/04/13 1:54 PM
  • Anonymous

    New name: Nicole Beiswenger
    Unsolicited friend request. Same comments as above.
    "Thanks 4 adding me..
    Hows your day so far?
    hey I need to log out right now
    Text me sometime 956-720-0290 k?"
    The messages were made within seconds of each other.

    10/03/13 2:51 PM
  • Anon

    I also posted this on callcenter.

    "My story is similar. I friended her after seeing we had two mutual friends. I get a message from her the second after I accept the request. This person seems to be a scammer and a bot. Ashley Bianchini: I liked ur photo, so I added you. U look familiar, do we know each other? I gotta log out rgiht now :( Ashley Bianchini: Text me if u wanna talk 956-720-0290 :) Sent from Mobile"

    09/30/13 12:32 AM
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