(954) 639-4558

Phone Number: (954) 639-4558
Search Date: 2018-04-22
Area: Hollywood, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (954) 639-4558

  • Tom Danger

    just got a call on my cell, tried to call back but get recording that the number is not in service.

    01/28/14 3:30 PM
  • Peter

    Scammer........calls anytime; just called 10 o'clock at night. Please shut them up.

    12/14/13 9:51 PM
  • Mike

    Violator of the DNC. They need to be identified, fined and shut down. These people are in violation of Federal law.

    11/27/13 2:40 PM
  • Anonymous

    Report them on the national Donot call # 1-888-382-1222

    11/15/13 1:43 AM
  • CLG

    Been receiving calls from this number several times throughout the week late in the evenings. I never answered! I did call back and they have a recording in English. Sounds like a scam. I just blocked their number.

    11/12/13 12:32 PM
  • jt

    called my cell phone two nights in a row with no message left

    11/08/13 12:16 AM
  • castaway62

    I got a call from this number. A recorded voice in Spanish. I didn't understand the message. I have not had a problem with any spam calls to my cell before but it may be linked to my attempting to setup this phone number for special calling to a jail in Florida. I am going to try a blocking app.

    11/07/13 4:51 PM
  • Dustinish

    2-3 times in a week or so on my cell.. called back an just get a "mailbox is full" recording. Never an answer, when i pick up the call

    11/06/13 5:06 PM
  • JW

    I have been getting a call from this number as well, I down loaded the Call Black List App. Works Great.

    10/31/13 3:40 AM
  • PG3

    I am in NH and got a call with background noise of a TV in Spanish. I spoke Spanish and still got no reply. Called my phone three times in a row before the it rang more then once.

    10/30/13 5:19 PM
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