(931) 516-7450

Phone Number: (931) 516-7450
Search Date: 2018-06-19
Area: Cumberland City, TN
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (931) 516-7450

  • john

    Pressed #1 to talk to a live customer service rep and they told me it was "card holder services" and whether I would like to lower my credit card interest rate. I don't have any credit cards and told them to take my number off their call list. They then immediately hung up on me.

    01/11/14 7:59 PM
  • Dan

    I got the same, but I pressed #1 and spoke to rep. He could tell me what card I have and when I questioned him further, he told me to go F myself. Definate scammers.

    12/23/13 1:29 PM
  • Melissa

    Called me, did not leave a message. Reported to FCC.

    12/17/13 12:01 PM
  • Lucy

    Called my cell, didn't leave a message. I don't know anyone in TN!

    12/16/13 12:12 PM
  • prolapsedAnu5

    This number has apparently been linked to quite a few different scams, seems to be their primary goal is identity theft... best idea is to not even talk to them. If these scammers have hacked your Facebook and posted their number there, be sure to contact friends & family to warm them that they might get a call from someone pretending to be police saying you're in trouble, one of the many scams being run by whoever is using this number.

    12/16/13 11:12 AM
  • MB

    Just got a call on my unpublished cell phone. Same as other comments - prerecorded "there's nothing wrong with your credit card". I hung up.

    12/13/13 5:10 PM
  • techjunkie

    "Cardinal Credit Union" ... There is nothing wrong with your credit card. We can tell you how to lower your interest rate.
    Yeah, everything that starts automated: scam. No "ands" or "if's" about it.

    12/13/13 4:36 PM
  • Mike

    Just called me at 3:25pm est. 12/13/2013....no voicemail....couldn't be too important

    12/13/13 4:08 PM
  • Proton

    recording - "There is nothing wrong with your credit card. We can tell you how to lower your interest rate." they certainly are scammers - beware!!

    12/13/13 1:26 PM
  • J

    the time is off on this site when you post it's 11:15 AM where i am.

    12/13/13 12:56 PM
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