(931) 414-0907

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Phone Number: (931) 414-0907
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: McMinnville, TN
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (931) 414-0907

  • Anonymous

    Got a call from these people, third time in less than 4 hours. Came online to check who it was, apparently a credit card scam. Now on the block list and good riddance to them.

    06/19/13 1:18 PM
  • jerry

    if i ever talk to them just talk in silly mode. you know like they say something you say taco,,, pudding, football and so on, after a while they hang up, have fun with them, mess with them.

    06/18/13 5:28 PM
  • ron

    talk to them, make friends with them, then go visit them

    06/18/13 3:03 PM
  • J. C.

    I am on the DNC list. I even double check about once per year to make sure I'm still actively listed as DNC. 931-414-0907 call my cell on 06/14/13 10:48am Eastern Time. It was listed merely as "TN, USA". I did not answer and no voice message was left. When I attempt to return the call at that number I receive a pre-recorded message stating that the number is disconnect or no longer in service. It's annoying. What is the purpose of the DNC if the harassment doesn't stop?

    06/14/13 3:51 PM
  • donna

    I am so freakin tired of these calls when I am at work, I wish someone would figure out what to do with these no life idoits

    06/14/13 3:27 PM
  • ann

    Does anyone know who these people are??? I have added them to my reject list too...I am on the DNC list and my number was called five different times yesterday from solicitors. Frustrated.

    06/11/13 11:24 AM
  • Bob

    I added them to a contact named Go Away.

    06/10/13 5:23 PM
  • PVB

    They continue to call my cell phone - so I added them as a new contact identifying them as "solicitation" so I will never answer their calls. Rediculous that the do not call list is not enforced.

    06/06/13 3:05 PM
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