(925) 420-1415

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Phone Number: (925) 420-1415
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: East Contra Costa, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (925) 420-1415

  • TK

    You may want to check out "Verengo Solar" on-line - at reputable "complaint websites"...

    10/01/13 8:15 PM
  • Anonymous

    I was able to get one of the operators to explain they are the telemarketers for "Verengo Solar Company". (877) 403-3479
    If you receive solicitation from Renewable Energy Project, (aka: Renewable Energy Program) - you can call Verengo to complain about the quality of the solicitation service.

    10/01/13 6:52 PM
  • Jay

    925-420-1415 called my cell phone - when I called back - operator disclosed: "Renewable Energy Project".
    I called back multiple times and asked who they were, where the corporate office was based and a corporate phone number.
    Was told - based in UT, then based in CA - in San Diego, then based in San Francisco
    Corporate phone number was bogus: 925-421-1435
    Was also told the corporate company name was "Solar Power", in San Francisco
    Once was told they were a telemarketing company for "Renewable Energy Project"- called "Solar Scripts"
    Was told their company name was "Renewable Energy Program"
    The supervisor "Briana" stated they were "hired by the Department of Natural Resources"
    One said they worked with the "Department of Energy Efficiency"
    2 separate employees disconnected the phone call, when I asked to speak to a manager.
    This company is a referral company for solar companies, and lacks professional transparency.
    This company needs to be reported to FTC

    10/01/13 6:00 PM
  • Anonymous

    Just received a call - called it back saying ryhis renewable energy products.

    08/29/13 5:33 PM
  • Carl

    It was a recording, claiming that they could save me money on my electric bill somehow, but it did not: identify who they were, why I might be eligable for such savings, give a website or any other researchable information. They wanted me to press 1 to "avoid losing out on thousands of dollars in savings on my elecric bill". I did not trust it, so I pushed 2, which was the option for "if we have reached you in error" (How would I know, since you don't say who you are?), and a new recordig was played, saying that I had been put on their do not call list. I wonder.

    08/26/13 8:50 PM
  • Jan

    Also received a call from this number - Did not answer and now list it as another SCAM number - Too bed we cannot block these numbers!

    08/26/13 6:27 PM
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