(920) 372-1473

Phone Number: (920) 372-1473
Search Date: 2017-06-27
Area: Kaukauna, WI
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Central

Comments (920) 372-1473

  • Dawn

    Multiple calls, no messages left, yet no one on the line when you answer the call.

    12/08/13 1:33 PM
  • Diego Garcia

    1) These calls are from a phone center, from investigators who have been contracted to conduct government surveillance or surveys regarding who does/does not have health insurance -- i.e. a type of invasive spying

    2) Identity theives using VOIP calling to barage people with calls, to "Phish"

    3) Other intrusive and illegal surveillance efforts by someone abusing the public

    11/08/13 11:18 PM
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