(918) 866-7810

Phone Number: (918) 866-7810
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: Sparks, OK
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (918) 866-7810

  • madrouter

    no message left, I just love fn'g with them too...make them think I am interested in their product but never give them any personal information. by doing this you prevent them from calling someone who may be gullable.

    08/27/13 1:43 PM
  • In American U.S.A.

    This phone number is scam not. Probably looking entered the wrong number. This is a very well respected, which is very useful. These people are wrong.

    08/27/13 12:47 PM
  • Joe


    08/27/13 12:41 PM
  • Lew Rockwell

    There is absolutely nothing you can do to keep live telemarketers and/or computer autodialed prerecorded robocallers from ringing your landline and/or cellphone. Screen all your calls and never answer before you hear who is calling. You can always listen to your messages and/or voicemails and make any return calls necessary.

    08/26/13 3:01 PM
  • richard

    I now answer and tell them "Yes I am very interested" I then tell them to hold a sec... I put the phone down for about 6 mins at a time.. then pick it up and continue.. after 3 or 4 of these I laugh and tell them, "How do you like ME wasting your time asshole?" and then THEY rant and rave and I hang up. You would be surprised at how long some of them hold on. One guy held on for 40 minutes!

    08/12/13 4:17 PM
  • cubnan

    blow a whistle loudly into the phone. that'll stop them from calling.

    08/07/13 4:02 PM
  • Irritated!

    I have been getting at least 5 phone calls a day from every state from this company. I usually ignore it and the few times I have answered, they immediately hung up. Not tonight though. The first thing I said was " stop calling me". Which the mans first responds was. "Oh sweetheart what's got your panties in a bunch tonight?" He also makes comments about my boyfriend (which I never told him I had one) is not doing his job in pleasing me and that's the only reason he's with his girlfriend is because she still puts out. I'm completely shocked that he's talking to me like this. After several minutes of arguing, he asked where I was located. To which I answered none of your business. And then he said exactly where I was. I went silent and in a threatening tone said "that's not all I have here. I have your checking account and routing account number".

    08/06/13 4:38 AM
  • Bawanab

    Got a call from this number. Added to my blocked list with Call blocker app. Done until next time and I just keep added to the list. :-)

    07/31/13 12:23 PM
  • FedUp

    I get these calls on my cell phone all the time from various numbers around the country. After the first call, I add them to the reject list and I never have to be bothered again. They can call all they want, it will never ring and just goes straight to voice mail! Crisis averted! Everyone should do that!

    07/30/13 1:51 PM
  • SJSooze

    I have been getting calls from SPARKS, OK 918 866 7810
    I chatted with Verizon & told them My most recent incoming call was this number & I want to know who that is...
    The kid on chat said - I googled that number (are u kidding????)I ignored them for a long while, but now they are calling during working hours. I answered to hear an automated message about my credit rate. I ignored them some more. But yesterday they disrupted a meeting. I hung up & they called back so I stepped out to answer it. I took the #1 key and got a woman - I said politely "This number is on the Do-Not-Call List and ..." she hung upon me.
    This has happened more than once, more than twice - less than 10 times.
    So today I also answered and let the woman go on for just a bit & then said, "This number is on the Do-Not-Call List and I dont want you to call me anymore"
    She said "This isn't a telemarketing, we are a credit bureau (or something credit)
    I said, "I've tried to get the calls to stop before but got hung up on.
    When I call back I get a disconnect recording (may be bogus) - VERIZON says the cant do anything more than block them.

    07/19/13 3:17 PM
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