(916) 245-0685

Phone Number: (916) 245-0685
Search Date: 2019-01-23
Area: Sacramento: Main DA, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (916) 245-0685

  • Security Supervisor

    This number called an inbound call center for AT&T on 06/22/2013 at around the noon hour local time. The man harassed one of my security officers saying he needed to speak with a female. He was rude when my officer told him he was security and not a secretary. I Googled the number and found this site with these comments.

    06/22/13 5:47 PM
  • Anonymous

    I got a call at work also claiming someone was going to sue me. I owed someone money. One thing you couldn't understand what they were saying and when I called back it was like a fax line with no answer. No other information was provided by the man

    06/19/13 3:19 PM
  • T. Sterling

    I got a call from this number from someone claiming to file a case against me. I laughed because I knew this information was false and he man began to curse at me. When he called back I told him I googled his number and he was a fraud, he abruptly hung up. This man is a scammer!

    06/15/13 1:26 PM
  • A Helper

    This phone has been checked and has been found my my local police department as a fraud. The call I received was two gentlemen claiming to be a lawyer and his assistant. They were claiming I had a legal file against me for an unpaid loan and would have an officer at my work that night to arrest me. Knowing this was false and proving it to them, they quickly became upset and told me to await the police. They are very sure of themselves and are not afraid to verbally attempt to bully you. Do not give them any leverage and they will be little problem. After my calls they would not even answer my calls back, and even cut the calls off as to keep from my being able to leave a message.

    05/30/13 1:45 PM
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