(914) 272-7018

Phone Number: (914) 272-7018
Search Date: 2017-12-17
Area: Westchester Zone 8, NY
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (914) 272-7018

  • Amberly

    I got a phone call from a company stating that they were Financial Fraudulant Services and they were going to press charges on me for check fraud and I was going to have to go to court. After telling them this is fraud, I do not owe anyone money, he started yelling at me and told me he was transferring me to his supervisor so his supervisor could MAKE me understand. The supervisor, after yelling at me some more when I refused to give him money, told me to contact this number. That this was where my loan was taken from. Um. I live in Michigan. This is in New York. He had my full social security number and bank account number. BE CAREFUL. These people are savvy!!

    05/21/13 1:54 PM
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