(913) 279-0570

Phone Number: (913) 279-0570
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: Kansas City, KS
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (913) 279-0570

  • D. Gressmire

    Received call, as soon as I answered the only thing I heard was mumbling - then nothing. I attempted to return the call without success. Since the first call, have received 2 additional - each time they would hang up after I answered. Will now block the number.

    10/28/13 1:25 PM
  • Continuum

    913-279-0570 kept calling for and Old Directv Bill. Over 7 yrs old. can not collect. needs to fall off report. they keep calling.(If You live in NY they can get fined by the BBB or FCC due to the Laws the protects Consumers from harassment. If you live Someplace else then you will need to use that state laws to help you from this type of people.
    once they get you to respond by email or phone they will start the process as if you where just added to collection starting or adding 7 more yrs to your credit report. just saying. this company has gone as far as texting m. saying thanks for the payment to please call 9132790570 or you have money that's is unclaimed.. etc..etc. i use tango to call back. use there number for caller id. if they really want to play games. i can to. :-)

    07/03/13 9:12 PM
  • Amanda

    This is CBE collection agency. They were calling me about an old Direct TV bill from over 3 years ago. I hung up, and will now block their calls.

    06/28/13 9:44 PM
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