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Phone Number: (888) 814-8493
Search Date: 2018-06-24
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Comments (888) 814-8493

  • Cynthia W

    received a post card for parcel pick up. If they are using theUS Mail for a scam isn't this a crime? The postal paid area is from West Palm Beach ,FLA permit 1002

    05/07/14 5:56 AM
  • D B

    I got a "PARCEL PICK-UP NOTICE" from these scammers with a "72 hour HOLD". ""TO ADDRESSEE ONLY"... Was about to call when I noticed although card had a Brown stripe like UPS it did not actually say who it was from. The Postal Service did not leave it because it would not have had bulk postage addressed to me on it. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! I threw it in trash after checking this web site.

    04/16/14 3:48 PM
  • Rob A

    Scam, called with my number blocked, asks you to enter the pin to receive your "your new android tablet"

    03/31/14 9:18 PM
  • Natalie S

    Same as Karen C - rec'd in mail, no return address, card in UPS colors but package number definitely not. Valid for only 72 hours. Did not call the number

    03/26/14 3:14 PM
  • Karen C.

    I did not get a call from them. I got a post card stating parcel pick up notice. It has the same colors as UPS but looks bogus. It gives a package number and says I have to pick up within 72 hours. I haven't ordered anything, so this probably has strings tied to it, fees or needing to listen to a sales pitch.

    03/20/14 9:13 PM
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