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Phone Number: (877) 845-5988
Search Date: 2018-06-23
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Comments (877) 845-5988

  • Annomyous

    keep receiving phone calls from 904-758-2479 telling me I need to contact this number 877-845-5988 using my previous last name giving me a file # and telling me they have made numerous attempts to contact me...first of all I'm done with the Scammers. They don't call you on the phone tell you they are going to arrest you,serve papers,suffer consquences etc... I am not in trouble...haven't done anything...Billers send you bills in the mail... So... they need to quit calling ..I'm fixing to put a block on my phone where I can block such thiefs and scammers...I got scammed once & it want happen again!

    03/04/15 9:28 PM
  • Oscar Schwartzer


    05/09/14 8:49 AM
  • Miguel de Luz Magistrate

    Got the same type of call a person of interest and further action will be taken if I don't respond immediately by calling that number.
    Got phone blocks on so the hell with them.
    Got same type of call about six or seven months back but from different number.
    If this is a legal company where's hard copy to show proof of debt ? Best part is I have no outstanding debts so come on, get real. More then likely a phishing call, got many in 2012 and 2013. It's very annoyeing.
    Another number is 8772370512, but they don't say much but hello hello and hang up. Its been constantly going on for couple of months now.
    Very much interested in meeting these people in person but you know how that goes.

    04/02/14 3:41 AM
  • fdcpa

    Not a scam. Legit company but badly regulated.

    09/11/13 12:00 PM
  • Jason

    They are a “legit company” that has filed with the State of Ohio but in no way does that mean they are running a legitimate business. This company is using threats of unlawful arrest and litigation. By the way here is the link for the SOS of Ohio information:

    In another thread we have seen Austin Evans write " I got arrested 3 weeks later " and " You can look up my case number if you like " but it seems very odd that he/she did not provide any information about their case to prove that this company is " no joke ". We have also seen frank ventresca writing " they proved the case and i spent 1.5 years in prison " and again not providing any information to prove this. It would seem that if a person wants to help warn others to help them prevent a pretty serious situation they would be providing that proof.

    HMM, does this seem odd to you also?

    I was a debt collector for years and even ran my own agency and find it absolutely deplorable the tactics that some collectors will use to get someone to pay a bill. At no point am I saying anyone should not pay a debt they owe but it is not okay to threaten that person with actions that cannot be taken by law.

    My wife has now received a call from Advanced Capital Solutions saying that she owes for some payday loan from 2007 however my wife has not taken out this so called loan and she informed them of this. The agent proceeded to say that maybe a roommate or relative used their information but they are still responsible for the debt but if she pays the debt they will help her take the case to court in order to sue whomever it was that open the account.

    I handled the fraud cases for the collections I did and at no time we would say a debtor would have to pay first then file a fraud case. I would tell them they would still be held responsible for the account if they have NOT filed a fraud case. It is a shame that friends and family would use your information but it does happen and if that debtor is not willing to file a fraud report against the ones they love (which I know I would have a problem doing that myself) they would unfortunately still be liable for that debt.

    I did have the chance to talk to the agent myself and informed them that I am formally requesting that they provide us with the loan documents and/or proof of the debt per the FDCPA regulations and immediately they said other agencies have provided that information and that my wife will find out about what proof they have when she is served with a subpoena as they have already filed with the courts. I then requested which court they filed with or the file number or even the attorney’s office that will be handling the case. They refused to provide this information and disconnected the call.

    This agency is breaking so many regulations I will be very surprised if they are able to keep the doors open.

    05/01/13 2:46 AM
  • Nancy DC

    i get this number calling everyday!! at work or my cell. a recording that I have not responded to several complaints filed in their office!! But they never say who or what office or what the hell bill or invoices. they leave this number 877-845-5988 and FILE NUMBER and that I have to reply and resolve and that papers were filed or issued or whatever ---each time its a recording IF IF indeed a bill is DUE by law they have to send it to your mailbox by hardcopy and also if they know phone numbers Ive also been threatened to be served here at work!!! and or arrested... these people are annoying.....

    01/07/13 2:56 PM
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