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  • Anon.

    When you answer they ask who they've reached, then they always go on about time shares, even though they aren't offering one, we don't have one, and this has been explained to them many times. When we ask who they are, they disconnect. When we don't answer, they can't be bothered to leave a message.

    I suspect (but can't prove) they are Portfolio Recovery attempting to verify the identity of the actual user of the phone number (instead of just who the phone belongs to according to the phone company).

    Is this illegal? Based on what I've read elsewhere, they don't seem bothered about "technicalities."

    Until this can be verified, the call type is "telemarketer' instead of "debt collector."

    BTW: Sven? You are so full of ***. I don't see how they could sign up anyone to go to a sales meeting by behaving like this.

    02/16/14 10:33 PM
  • k

    wasnt interested

    08/27/13 12:30 PM
  • Sven

    Meh, not scamming, just some timeshare consulting firm. Guess they arent trying to "sell or rent" our timeshares. Thats a plus, most timeshare calls are about that. Went to their meeting, its about various benefits and some question and answer session. Quick, painless, got a free meal, not really the reason I went, but the info was good.

    08/27/13 12:29 PM
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