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Phone Number: (877) 336-1489
Search Date: 2018-04-20
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Comments (877) 336-1489

  • Anonymous

    "E-TELEQUOTE" claiming we 'visited their website; and 'gave them permission/requested' a call from them. WE DID NOT! Have gotten 13 calls in 15 days so far; sometimes multiple calls in one day. BLOCKED, but they keep trying! SCAMMING SCUMBAGS.

    05/15/15 10:50 PM
  • James

    I just got another call. Second one today. I have reported this number to the FTC, the FCC, and my state Public Service Commission to no avail. I expect several more calls today. I need to know who to report it to that will do something!!! I have been getting several calls a day for a very long time. It is e-tele quote calling from the Philippines.

    09/06/13 6:32 PM
  • Beagle Mom

    got a call from 877-336-1489.....they hung up when it went to answering machine

    07/29/13 4:45 PM
  • bright eyes

    This is an alien interloper seeking people in whom to implant intergalactic communication devices in your brain. They successfully put one in mine, but it has malfunctioned and creates static from time to time that wakes me up; but, they keep calling to try to hypnotize me into coming back to the corn field formation to download another device into my brain. I will not go without force!!!

    05/31/13 12:41 AM
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