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  • lynn

    Yes they call my family and job. I have filed banckruptcy I don't owe any one. Just tired of them doing this who do u call for them to stop.

    11/08/13 10:24 AM
  • tiredofthegame

    Got a call from these people, Davis blah blah blah. I spoke with them initially 5 months ago. They stated that I owed money on a loan. I don't. I told them thats fine, send me proof via email or regular mail of the debt and I would be glad to address it. They said I had to make a decision in the next 30 minutes or they would file charges with the D.A. I freaked out, ofcourse. They wanted my social security number and other information, when I refused to give it to them, the woman got ugly. I told her that I would contact my attorney and call her back in a few minutes. She hung up. I googled the information on here and found all these stories. I called her back and let her know I was on to the scam, again she hung up. I have not heard from them again til now.

    The only thing that is the same between 5 months ago and now is that I filed for bankruptcy and then now I have had to refile. Therefore, I believe they are getting this information from the bankruptcy filings in some manner.

    Its a scam, I dont owe the money, these people are bottom feeders.
    Caller: Davis Rogers Associates
    Call Type: Debt Collector

    09/05/13 5:39 PM
  • Chris

    Total scam! They called everyone in my family (even my work) claiming to have a case open on me and needing information such as pay, mortgage, address....

    07/10/13 11:51 AM
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