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Phone Number: (877) 214-5967
Search Date: 2015-10-09
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Comments (877) 214-5967

  • katie

    They were calling to verify my new account at sunglass hut. it was legit.

    09/09/15 9:15 AM
  • Mary Comp

    It's legit. If you started any financing with a company that Syncrony Bank is handling, they will call you to verify and confirm.

    08/27/15 10:19 AM
  • Texarcana

    Said it was Syncrony Bank, calling in reference to my hhgregg card, and asked me to call back at this number. I don't answer my phone, so they will never get a real person here. fat chance. Way I look at it, it's a new account with a legitimate charge, they have no reason to be calling me at all, do they? I consider that spam. If I am late on a pmt, they have a reason to call. Since I've not got a statement or the TV yet, no late payment for sure. If they want to call and bug someone, try HHGregg, they can tell them whatever they need to know. One more reason to consider returning set before I even pick it up or pay it off cut the card up when it comes and forget them. I hate BS and wasted time.

    12/02/14 4:16 PM
  • ray

    Legit, I just opened a account with hhgregg.

    09/03/14 3:23 PM
  • Pittsburgh

    All good. Automated system confirmed terms of new account with GE Capital via Pearle Vision. Did not request any personal information.

    06/17/14 11:19 AM
  • Jing

    GE Capital called to verify recent "credit card" activity after I opened a 6-month 0% financing with Discount Tire. The voice prompt also explained the terms of my financing. This call is legitimate.

    05/13/14 3:57 AM
  • Mary Cox

    Legitimate Bank for PC Richard's Electronics in New York. They confirm your purchase and advise you your statement is on the way ..

    03/17/14 8:12 PM
  • Mark F

    This is a legitimate call fromGE Capital bank. They called after I opened a credit card with Discount Tire.

    02/17/14 10:25 PM
  • J. Martin

    GE Capital Bank called to confirm a purchase I made after opening a new account with them. Everything was legit.

    12/02/13 10:48 PM
  • Paul

    Called at 830pm 10/21/2013 There was no one there but my normal way of answering was until today "Paul ********* speaking". Picked up second call 20 minutes later and there was an automated message played in female computer voice. " This message is for (using my name) and is regarding recent activity on my GE national card. Please call that number back." won't answer the phone with my name anymore..

    10/21/13 10:38 PM
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