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Search Date: 2018-06-23
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  • Jeramy

    Me too. A debt from 17 years ago. Dont agree to anything.

    09/27/13 9:02 PM
  • BC

    Dynamic Debt Solutions, a collection agency of dubious reputation. Their Cleveland office called me at 8:15 am and woke me up (I'm retired). Gave this number as a call back and said they had to speak to me right away. I called the Cleveland number and talked to a woman who asked about someone I've never heard.of. Asked why they called me and was told they were referred to my cell phone number. Maybe the guy they want once had my number? Not likely. Scam.

    09/20/13 10:08 AM
  • Sue

    Believe me, they are definately scam artists. They state that they are recording your call in order to get yo to say something that might restatute the "alleged"debt. Do not agree to anything. You have a right to ask them to send validation of the debt to your address, which includes a copy of the original loan documents and how they calculated what they say you owe. If they are a legitimate collector, they will have all this information at their fingertips. If not, then they are a scam. Don't send them any money until they validate per law.

    08/16/13 11:46 AM
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