(866) 612-8483

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Phone Number: (866) 612-8483
Search Date: 2019-04-18
Area: Information Unavailable
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Comments (866) 612-8483

  • LC

    Tells me its TD Canada Trust--need to call it back and "verify" account information.
    Yes its a scammer number.

    12/29/15 7:24 PM
  • Mad

    I dont even have a Vignin phone. I'm on Telus and always have been. I dont even know why they are calling. Every earlier morning like 6am till 12 am at night. It's becoming bull****. Noone answer when I pick up the phone, it's dead air.

    11/13/13 4:11 PM
  • Russ

    its virgin mobile - in my case, i was late paying my bill

    09/16/13 6:39 PM
  • Terry

    Calsl my cell often. When I answer I only get silence

    09/13/13 1:20 PM
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