(866) 322-6605

Phone Number: (866) 322-6605
Search Date: 2019-04-18
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Comments (866) 322-6605

  • Dan

    I got 2 messages from this number from Aero (Aro?) Inc regarding my Bell account. I don’t have a Bell account nor have I had one for about 8yrs. Said it was in relation to my 10-digit # 532-0272....not my number. I’m not returning these calls. Definitely a scam.

    04/14/18 2:03 PM
  • Michael

    They phoned here trying to get info about my wife and asked to confirm info.
    Wife asked them if you have my info then send me a letter and I will respond
    to your letter. Three weeks later no letter.
    We asked if you are a collection firm then you should have ready have the info from who ever we owe money to, Call all your creditors to who you owe money to and confirm that nothing has gone to collection they must try to contact by all means before anything going to s collector.
    Also looking up online about them they are pages of complaints about ARO.
    Think they are a scam so do not give them any info you my be sorry .
    Again they call themselves ARO call police any give them your concerns.

    11/11/15 3:43 PM
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