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Phone Number: (855) 898-3244
Search Date: 2018-05-25
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Comments (855) 898-3244

  • Patti

    Yes but did have problems with my Verizon phone and computer line..missed the call but they fixed it yesterday .....fast service....pleased....oh first they said it would be Friday...and I told them I had a person needing medical attention and they said they would be there that day....can't get much better than that......

    02/09/17 4:58 AM
  • m

    Verizon phone repair that allows the tech to call the customer

    10/13/16 1:19 PM
  • waiting

    Didn't leave message. Been waiting six days this week and five last week to get verizon fixed. Been home every day and no one has shown up.

    04/30/16 6:28 AM
  • Anonymous

    Automatic vm saying Tech tried to reach me...So, why didn't the Verizon tech leave a message saying he was coming? Tech was supposed to text!

    02/12/16 4:50 AM
  • kr

    This call was from a Verizon repair person, it is not a scammer's phone. Verizon uses
    this line for repair notifications.

    01/08/15 9:47 AM
  • Tish

    I missed a call on this number. I always check odd numbers first. We don't have FIOS in our area!

    09/16/14 5:15 AM
  • Chad

    Missed a call from this number. The voice mail was 30 seconds of background noise. When I got home my FiOS was fixed.

    08/15/13 6:13 PM
  • Kerby

    Glen was awesome did everything quick and easy

    06/01/13 11:04 AM
  • Richie

    Yeah,I missed this call and I was waiting for the Fios install. Guy waited around for a good amount of time (my cellphone had died) and called his office to tell them what was going on when I saw him outside) Fast as heck service now!

    05/01/13 3:34 AM
  • Brooklyn

    Same here. Verizon Fios service technician. After you pick up the phone, there is silence.

    12/26/12 8:58 AM
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