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Phone Number: (855) 762-9382
Search Date: 2018-06-23
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Comments (855) 762-9382

  • KensMobileHotRodRepair.com

    I hve mobile collector car repair/restoration biz and guess what? I advertise on craigslist... HMmmmm.... SCAM ALL THE WAY!!

    01/14/14 7:02 PM
  • Jim Jones

    Multiple calls (unanswered) from 855-762-9382. Have a classic/restored truck on Craiglist. Looked number up on web and found here. Won't be drinking the koolaid! Appreciate the resource here.

    11/30/13 4:00 PM
  • r.c

    Got a call from number after putting my work van on craigslist. Saying they by classic car didn't realize my 2006 car van was a classic car. Call come from Camboida scamming capital of world. Told them "Stop calling me cocksucker" that definitely did the trick.

    11/16/13 3:27 PM
  • FRED

    STOP CALLING 740-739-0056 NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10/11/13 3:59 PM
  • Joe

    Kind of funny. I have a car on Craigslist as well. I got a phone call from this number trying to sell my classic car for me for a fee and I would have to ship them my car with a signed title. really...... people nowadays

    10/10/13 2:27 PM
  • TB

    8/27/2013 Just got a call with from this number and searched and found this. Have a car on Craigslist. Hummmm

    08/27/13 3:33 PM
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