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Phone Number: (855) 691-0192
Search Date: 2018-05-27
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Comments (855) 691-0192

  • Ajt

    Nope, Nope, Nope! Calls once a day every day, same time every day. Prerecorded crap message says they have an important business call for (no name just a pause) telling me to call back. No I will not I will block you though! :)

    01/29/15 3:15 PM
  • J. Gacy Lee Smith

    Somebody called from this number and asked if I was interested in purchasing Cambodian child pornography. When I asked them how much they just hung up on me.

    12/18/14 8:05 PM
  • rob

    The number Called me and did say anything, I just hung up the phone

    09/11/14 11:47 PM
  • Donna

    they never leave a message but today I was working from home and allowed CID to call them. they have the wrong persons name linked to my phone number and starting yelling at me. I file a compliant with the FBI Crime agency.

    05/19/14 1:49 PM
  • Forrest

    Called randomly in early morning, never spoke with them but left me a three second voicemail of silence. It's VERY unusual for me to get calls from telemarketers or anything similar...

    03/10/14 2:20 PM
  • Rob

    Somebody need to stop these people from this number. My 8 year old son answered and some guy talked dirty and perverted to him. I grabbed the phone and they said they will kill me and hung up.

    12/05/13 1:49 PM
  • mike

    I would get calls from this number daily...it came up as a sex website in the caller ID

    11/20/13 12:21 PM
  • Henrik

    We got many calls - always in the middle of the day when we would of course not be home. They left weird messages and we could not call back. Eventually we managed to actually answer the phone. And it turned out to be genuine - it is a collection agency that was trying to recover a medical bill we had not paid (we did not want to pay it but that is another story). So this company is weird, but I recommend you try to answer the phone anyway.

    10/22/13 11:17 AM
  • Matthew

    I've had about 6 calls from these numbers 0192 and 0194. Sometimes silent. Sometimes a recording. I don't bother answering now. Never leaves a voicemail. I

    09/21/13 12:59 PM
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