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Phone Number: (855) 275-7180
Search Date: 2018-06-24
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Comments (855) 275-7180

  • Dick

    I got the same story as everyone else it appears. I clicked on a link to inquire about an automobile that REGIONS Bank had posted. I was directed to a few local dealerships of which one salesman made an attempt to call me but I did not answer because I didn't recognize the number. I googled it and it was a dealership out of Memphis, TN. Now I get this call (855) 275-7180. I didn't answer and I have the ability to block numbers on my phone so I did. I don't suppose I will be hearing from them again. :)

    04/24/14 5:17 PM
  • Leo

    Thanks for the comments and this page. I was AT HOME and picked up the call. I got a moment of silence, then a click. Why call if you aren't going to even speak?
    And yes, I foolishly looked into imotors.com last night. What a waste of my time.

    12/18/13 4:23 PM
  • Matt

    Call was from auto dealer marketing center from internet inquires that I placed. I missed three calls and called them back. They were polite and when I asked to be removed they removed me.

    12/04/13 2:25 PM
  • Customer in Michigan

    855-275-7180 is a company call ELEAD1ONE. They are a third party company hired by auto dealerships to solicit their customers. I keep receiving calls from this number and finally called back. The rep told me the dealership name and proceeded to slam the phone down. I called back to have a supervisor remove me from their system. She was very corteous. I inquired on vehicle pricing directly from Ford because I wanted to do research before contacting a dealership. They shared my info without my consent. I received 2 messages directly from the dealership and then apparently they shared my info as well, again without my consent. The last call I received from them stating they were the dealership came in on a Sunday. In the state of Michigan auto dealerships are not allowed to be open on Sundays.

    11/24/13 3:18 PM
  • Brandon

    it appears to be a nissan dealship for me.. i gave a local dealership my phone # and now i am getting non stop calls... pretty easy, i work for a super large corp in our city, i just called nissan and said take me off the calling list everywher or everyone in this company will hear how horrid you are.

    10/17/13 2:55 PM
  • Philip

    Just annoying car business, same as when you get an insurance quote

    07/14/13 4:34 PM
  • Anji

    I have requested information on vehicles from dealerships before, so I am assuming thanks what this is from, seeing as others have said so. I have yet to answer the call, and just ignore it. Eventually I'll get sick of it, and tell them to bugger off!

    07/11/13 7:44 PM
  • Sue

    Received a call from 855-275-7180 every day this week, twice, three times a day. Reached my limit today and called the number. Being nice, asked if he wouldn't mind telling me who the number was attached to since I "was truly concerned and just kept missing the calls." Key Hyndai of Milford, Ct. It sounded like he worked for a call center that car dealerships use to follow up on cars that you may have looked at recently. I am now calling the dealership and requesting them to remove me from their interested in their vehicle list, since I am no longer interested in their cars.

    06/21/13 10:49 AM
  • jc

    Just received a call from them with no voicemail. If it is truecars.com - I haven't been on that website for while a long time.

    06/05/13 11:48 AM
  • Daniel

    I requested an auto quote, specifically (and only) from Truecar.com. Received 3 calls within 6 hours

    05/07/13 10:53 PM
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