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Phone Number: (848) 459-4922
Search Date: 2018-04-22
Area: Freehold, NJ
Provider Type: Wireless

Comments (848) 459-4922

  • Nancy

    GR8 work Liuann! Yes, I'm on Medicare PartD alredy so they must be sharing my information without my consent so make sure we complain about their privacy policy. Apart from this whole health care B.S. I blame the NSA just for Gits and Shiggles.

    01/01/14 12:39 AM
  • Liuann

    I kept getting these calls after i was looking at some Part D medicare plans. No one would leave a message on my phone but as of Dec 28th i got 4 calls from the same number on the same day ! Then today Dec. 30th i got 1 more call and still no one would say a word on my machine, so thank god i have call blocking on my phone and as of today i blocked there number ! Little do they know i'm a gal with a sharp legal mind as well as the person who got her ex's juv'y record from the clerk of courts and was able to use it against him. So if any of ya were looking at a part D medicare plan this may be where the issues stems from. And i am filling a complaint with the Do Not Call center as well as Medicare. It helps when you get a hold of the administrators as well. As you can tell this is not my first time i have been down the road with the Medicare office's. So thank ObamaCare for this big Pain in the (_l_) !!!

    12/30/13 3:40 PM
  • Nancy

    OH,This site doesn't cooperate! I guess I did have it, I didn't forget. It just won't show up. So, the site is who calls me dot com.

    12/28/13 5:07 PM
  • Nancy

    uuuugghhh...I messed up...sorry this is why I copy thenpost links rather than trying to type the out. I forgot to include the most important part...
    "***" DOT COM

    12/28/13 5:05 PM
  • Nancy

    I guess we can't post links here..so, If you'd like to go to the page I'd tried to post a link to you'll have to decipher my cryptic code....just look up HyperTextTranferPotocol you know the world wide web's prefix. [***DOTcomSLASHPhone-NumberDOTaspxSLASH8484594922]
    yes after the dot com slash it should read "Phone-Number" then dot "aspx" slash then enter 8484594922
    This once decoded will get you to the page. :-) guess this is an old skool way to follow linx

    12/28/13 4:53 PM
  • Nancy

    This is a SCAM re: Medical compensation of some sort. An interweb search led me to this page
    some people have answered this call then put their findings online.
    I figure if they want to compensate me for taking birth control, I'll say "just send me my check please. Kay-Bai.."

    12/28/13 4:31 PM
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