(832) 460-6042

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Phone Number: (832) 460-6042
Search Date: 2017-12-17
Area: Houston, TX
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (832) 460-6042

  • John

    Got a call from (832) 460-6042. It was a recorded message. If they don't have the guts to personally talk to me, I block them. Jerks. I don't even have a "collection" to collect on.

    05/13/14 11:36 AM
  • dave

    when they call make farting sounds on the phone than hang up..

    05/03/13 5:42 PM
  • Tracie

    The company that owns this number is "stellar collections". They do collections for at least AT&T. I had service with AT&T over a year ago. I cancelled it becasue everyone int he home became age to have cell phones so why pay for home phone when I can switch my internet to my cable and do away with a bill? So I did just that. I cancelled in April 2011. Then they sent me a bill for the month of May! I called them and asked how I received another bill when I did not even have any service with them from 4/2-5/20/2011? They wouldn't credit it, even though when someone called they got a "this number has been disconnected" comment. This is the 3rd agency they have sold this collection account to. For 75.00! Sure it's not much to pay, however, it is the principle of it. Why should I have to pay when I disconnected the service and I called in for them to shut it off, and they had but felt compelled to still send me a bill? They will never see it....even if they send me to places for 10 years! I shouldn;t have to pay for service that I didn;t have, esp. when I couldn't even pick up the phone to make a call becasue it wasn;t connected? It was their error and because I left the company, they could care less about making it "right". So for that reason, AT&T will NEVER have me as a customer EVER AGAIN!

    04/29/13 4:59 PM
  • Allison

    Called me twice in 2 days. Did not answer. They didnt leave msg

    02/08/13 10:35 AM
  • Alex

    Called me last night.

    12/28/12 5:36 AM
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