(817) 665-8325

Phone Number: (817) 665-8325
Search Date: 2015-04-26
Area: Fort Worth, TX
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Central

Comments (817) 665-8325

  • steve r

    Yes I get a call twice a week Today I answered it and they said they were "Physicians
    Health Choice" but I said no one is home (I think they are a collections agency)
    All they said at first was PHC and I said "WHAT IS PHC? WOULD YOU MIND SPELLING THAT OUT, Thanks

    06/03/14 11:06 AM
  • Mandy

    Got a call. Showed up as DECISION SUPPOR on verizon caller ID. Did not answer. No message left.

    10/22/13 6:14 PM
  • Joe the plumber

    Got a call from this number...area code shows Texas. I did not answer and they did not leave a message, probably someone from the Republican Party calling to apologize for all of the harm that they caused the American people. Or maybe Sen Ted Cruz calling to read me a bedtime story...that would be so cool and not a complete waste of his time or the governments money.

    10/17/13 8:28 PM
  • Doc

    I received a call from this company it may do other things I am not sure
    I signed up for a health plan and this is a company that does follow up calls
    to see if the seller told you anything miss leading or acted in any kind of unprofessional manner and did he/she explain the insurance to your understanding
    It all deals with health care, they may even do some surveys on other medical

    07/29/13 3:04 PM
  • Uh-oh

    Answered the call , they asked my husband a ton of medical questions which he didn't answer well due to stroke. Are they government affiliated-? What are they connected with?

    07/08/13 12:54 PM
  • Gin

    Yes, a call the last 3 days in a row and I did not answer - what a pain -

    04/30/13 1:40 PM
  • nanaz

    I hung up on them , when I call the number right back a recording comes on and says that it's a non working number...this woman told me she was from Kaiser Permanente.....So why is it a non working number????

    04/30/13 3:07 AM
  • angel

    this is a goverment health survey there just doing there job this is there web site

    04/11/13 8:52 PM
  • Rebecca

    Yes, They have called 3/26, 3/27, & 3/28/13 and have never left a Voice mail on my cell phone and no company name shows up, I am not going to call back an unknown company

    03/28/13 12:29 PM
  • Peyton

    Received a call from this #. Caller ID showed it as DSS Research. I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.

    12/10/12 9:56 PM
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