(816) 200-1638

Phone Number: (816) 200-1638
Search Date: 2019-05-25
Area: Kansas City, MO
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (816) 200-1638

  • Joe B

    Same experience. No one would text a DL to a stranger, and no-one should prepay a meeting.

    04/19/19 5:51 PM
  • Ali

    Demanding deposit before meetup. Sent me DL copy but won’t send Selfie with a pose I want or my name. Missouri DL
    Diana Holmes Karandos - TXT stopped.

    01/29/19 1:54 PM
  • Ali

    Just got pinged today. Listed on SB site. Goes by Diana now. Haven’t demanded anything yet.

    01/28/19 4:16 PM
  • Henry

    She's a good text gal but it's all going to be virtual. The pics will be fake until you press her for verification.

    01/20/19 11:55 AM
  • Nota

    Used on a sugar dating site, kept on asking for a "deposit" because it was her "birthday", refused to provide any verification or meet in person

    11/13/18 1:50 PM
  • Dick

    This number is listed on a girls profile on a swinger website

    05/02/18 6:08 PM
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