(815) 687-8080

Phone Number: (815) 687-8080
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: Woodstock, IL
Provider Type: Landline

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  • Anonymous

    They call from various numbers at all times of the day. I've never picked up before but today they called at 8:30 a.m. Caller ID said "Illiinois" and I recognized the number so I picked up to demand they stop calling.

    Woman who answered asked for male householder by his first name. I asked who was calling and she didn't respond but instead said she "could talk to anyone in the household who was over 18." I told her we've gotten numerous calls from them and that we were on the Federal DNC list. She said she would remove us from their list.

    Will believe that when the calls stop

    04/08/13 10:02 AM
  • Ed

    03/22/13 about 7:30 P.M. I rec'd a call from this number, 815-687-8080 and the lady wanted me to take a survey about the sex, foul language, and violence on T.V. and in the movies. I agreed. When it came to the part of signing an electronic petition I tried to say something about e-mail petitions and the like having no value she immediately hung up on me. During the call when I tried to say something she just talked over the top of me. She had no desire to hear what I had to say. I'm sure at some point there would have been a request for money. I've been on the No-Call since it started and I still get all kinds of calls that I don't want, so what good is it?

    03/22/13 4:37 PM
  • ontheDoNotCallListsinceInception

    caller ID read LIFEGIVMOMENTS....left no message several times...not sure what that is all about so i blocked them...they have a website but no ID/contact info, no mission statement, no vision statement, nothing...looking for donations? who knows...

    03/09/13 12:56 PM
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