(813) 252-0222

Phone Number: (813) 252-0222
Search Date: 2014-04-19
Area: Tampa Central, FL
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (813) 252-0222

  • Ann Albert

    They called my pay per minute cell phone last night at 8:45 and I was asleep! I did not answer as I did not recognise the number. They just called now at 1:20 while I am at work. I looked them up and see here they are telemarketers so I have blocked their number! I am registered with the "Do Not Call" list which this number obviously ignores!

    11/14/13 2:16 PM
  • Tired

    Received a call from this number, but they didn't leave a message. I tried to call them back and get a message stating I had reached a number had been disconnected or is no longer in service.

    09/04/13 3:59 PM
  • rafael

    I have gotten calls from them to but did not answer.when i did not answer they left a message on my phone saying " hello......hellllllooooooooo....hellllllllooooo?". Thought it was funny feel sorry they are telemarketers.

    08/27/13 12:26 AM
  • Codie

    I have gotten five calls from this number. And they won't stop calling me. I try to call back but I couldn't get through. I hope no one actually tries to get what they are selling. They are just scammers. I feel bad because I know for a fact my mom would acctually buy something scammers are selling.

    07/01/13 12:17 PM
  • Jen

    For almost 2 weeks, i received a phone call from this number every single day. One day, they called at 8:45 pm and i cursed the guy out and said to REMOVE me from the call list, put me on the DO NOT CALL list. A few days later ON Memorial Day, no less, they call and i said, "i told you people to stop calling me"... the guy hung up on me. Just now, i received yet ANOTHER call from this stupid number. So clearly they just live to piss us off and they are not putting us on the invisible Do Not Call list. Absolutely annoying and ridiculous!

    06/20/13 4:30 PM
  • JR

    The number called my cell & I didn't answer. There was a "message" of 2-3 seconds of background noise & then a hang up.

    06/11/13 3:01 PM
  • DCB

    I've received 4 calls from this number. The first 2 I told I wasn't interested in their Home Security system and hung up. They called again yesterday and I told them that they'd called me twice and I'd told them I wasn't interested and to please remove me from their list and she said she would. They called again just now on my cell phone and I refused the call and I've blocked the number. The people who initiated the call sound Indian and as if they're in a call room. I too heard a crowd in the background. So yes, they're scammers.

    05/23/13 1:01 PM
  • Matt

    Get a call from this number almost every day. No message.

    05/20/13 12:00 PM
  • Amanda

    This number called my cell phone. I asked them to remove me from their call list and the caller said "why should I do that?" I told them I was on the do not call list and the caller yelled something I couldn't translate and then said SORRY and hung up on me. I tried to call the number back and it says my call cannot be completed as dialed.

    05/13/13 3:36 PM
  • Anonymous

    I am the receptionist at a business in Dallas. They called over 20 times in half an hour, sometimes on multiple lines at once, making it impossible to answer phone calls from actual clients. I asked for the manager and was told my number would be removed. They immediately called me back on two different lines at the same time. I am currently having them blocked and reported it as a disturbance to our business.

    05/02/13 5:36 PM
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