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Comments (800) 843-2104

  • Alice

    I got a "congratulations our promotional department has authorized us to award you a Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise for 8 days and 7 nights including accomodations, all meals and snacks, on board activities and entertainment. Our records indicate that by responding within 72 hours you will also receive roundtrip airfare for 2 adults." They indicated it was a final notice so I figured it had to be a scam given I never received any other notice and I didn't enter to win anything of the sort. Figured it is too good to be true and since I am not married as the first reviewer indicated was a restriction, I don't see any reason to call. Was tempted briefly though.

    07/17/14 2:20 AM
  • Tom K - Antioch, IL

    I called the number (but first dialed *67 to block my number) from them. It was from a company called "Global Travel" in Gurnee, IL (may be different for your area/state). You need to go to their office and sit through a 90 minute presentation on them showing you that they can save you 40 to 50% on travel that you may purchase either online or with other companies. The voucher would be good up to one year after you've seen their presentation. You must be between 28-67, married, have total household income over 45000 per year pre-tax to qualify.
    what the CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY means - in order to book your vacation you must call them at least 60 days in advance. Assuming you go MON-WED you get the 3 days 2 nights BUT if you want to go on the days from THUR to SUN (peak times) you would only get a 1 night 2 day stay, same passes apply. You are also subject to pay the taxes on the room and the waterpark but I cant imagine it would be more than $100 for the 3day stay and $75 for the 2 day stay. (numbers she gave me) I asked if I could call her back and she said yes and even gave me an extension number. I called back 10 minutes later (to check on restrictions) and they patched me over to her. To me it seemed legitimate. One other thing you AND your spouse need to attend the presentation.

    04/03/14 9:00 PM
  • Jeff

    recd a 3 day 2 night water park voucher grapevine tx and of course call w/in 48 hrs and get 100.00 dining card. I would like to call but don't want to be on a telemarketers list. I'd sit thru a 60 or 90 minute sales presentation if the offer was valid. maybe someone is braver than I am.

    04/03/14 2:55 PM
  • Mona

    Card on the mail saying I won water park tickets and $100 meal voucher also - same as 1st comment

    12/27/13 9:10 PM
  • Leigh-Ann

    Not a text or call, but a voucher in the mail saying that I won a 3 day/2 night stay at a waterpark of my choice as well as a $100 meal card.

    12/09/13 9:06 PM
  • Jill

    I did not get a call from this number but I got a congratulations notice in the mail from them saying that I won a free android and a $100 dining card...so they must be a sales company

    11/12/13 2:20 PM
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