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  • Karl

    The call was from BoA. I logged into my BoA account and there was a transaction with this comment:"A declined transaction is a transaction that was attempted against your account but not approved. If you identify this as a fraudulent transaction, it will be noted on your account but you will not be reimbursed, since the transaction did not post to your account." Also got email from BoA 12hrs 25min after the phone call. As a precaution: DO NOT CALL BACK to a suspicious number but do log into the account they say was compromised. In this case the call was really from BoA.

    03/05/15 1:33 PM
  • kbell

    I called Bank of America using the number on the back of my card after speaking with someone who called from this number and they verfiied that their Fraud Department had in fact called me to verify a recent purchse. Phew. All is safe.

    01/14/15 6:54 AM
  • Joey

    I checked with Bank of America and they said that this number is a scam. The number tried calling me at 5am! It kept attempting to call every few hours and I ended up answering to see what scam it was. It was a robotic woman's voice and asked to verify it it was my name, so I made sure to say it was not.

    I have been called by the ACTUAL fraud department before, and they always leave a message and it's always a live person.

    I'd call Bank of America to report it, so they can keep a closer eye on your account. I made a large purchase on Newegg the night before I started getting these calls, so it may be Newegg's system that is letting these darn scammers through...Too many nerds sitting at home trying to hack other people's accounts...they need girlfriends! :P UP YOURS, SCAMMERS!!

    P.S. People posting that the number is legitimate and you need to give your information are shills.

    11/24/14 12:07 PM
  • Anne

    This is a BofA fraud alert number. Call the customer service number on the back of your card.

    02/24/14 2:21 PM
  • Buckeye

    I didn't answer either of the two calls from this number...no message was left.

    I got online and found a possible BofA fraud.

    I called BofA's # on the back of my card, instead.

    Yes, my card has been hacked and got used for four transactions, today.

    They'll send me a form to fill out.

    01/12/14 5:17 PM
  • lgs

    This is BOA fraud dept. number. Called number on back of my credit card to verify it was legitimate - it was. Very nice. They are on their toes - thank you BOA!

    01/04/14 3:13 PM
  • John

    This # is legit for Bank of America. I received a call, and someone was using my cc.

    12/24/13 1:25 PM
  • jill

    It is a legitimate call. It is the fraud alert dept of Bank of America for your credit card. Call the number on the back of your card and talk to a person there to find out what charge triggered their fraud alert. It might be a genuine charge you made that was just different frmo your usual pattern, or it could be someone using your card number fraudulently. I missed their call, and so called them and found out that an internet purchase from a store I had not shopped at previously had triggered a fraud alert, but it was a purchase I athurorised, so it was all OK .

    12/05/13 10:43 AM
  • Emma

    I called this number and they told me there was a hold on my credit card and when I called BoA there was in fact a hold on my card. I think the number is for fraud services.

    12/03/13 1:28 PM
  • Bob Nonya Business

    This is someone spoofing (false caller ID) claiming to be BofA. Answer no questions. Call BofA from the number on the back of your card. They told me that they did not call me. This is a phishing scam. You have been warned. Call the number on the back of the card.

    11/10/13 7:02 PM
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