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Comments (800) 309-0524

  • Jean

    Got a call from them today. They left voicemail stating that they had contacted me previously about PCI PED update & I needed to respond since it was mandatory. They are not my CC provider, so I am ignoring it.

    07/19/17 1:17 PM
  • JC

    Call all the time with same BS as other comments but also say "Your account has been flagged, need to call right away!" Sick of these scammers wasting everyone's time. GET A LIFE!!!

    01/09/17 5:46 AM
  • Allen

    They have been calling and leaving messages on my answering machine every month or so for YEARS....and I mean years - probably 5 or so. I know it is spam as I haven't accepted credit cards for transactions since 1997....

    03/04/16 9:51 AM
  • Alan Hartman

    Received a robo call saying we weren't PCI compliant for our credit card processing so call this number right away. Merchant Services isn't our CC process company so watch out for this scam.

    09/14/15 1:30 PM
  • ama

    they called be pretending to be my company. saying I need to get the EMV terminals and all I needed to do was sign this form. Then the person said I need to write down your information to make sure its u. I said why dont you have it. I started to give her info but once she asked my ssn and EIN i said she had to call me back call and found out they are scamming companies and because the names as flipped of my currrent provider I didnt pick up right away., STAY AWAY SHADY LYING PPL... merchant choice and merchant services

    09/02/15 1:17 PM
  • NJRob

    Left message that would imply they are my current processor and I was in urgernt need of update. They are not my processor.5

    02/09/15 12:12 PM
  • ni

    got a voicemail from this phone # saying that they are from my merchant service and a PCI/PED updates are mandatory. called them back & they asked me where to direct my call. they put me on hold & they disconnected me. I think it's a scam.

    06/09/14 12:37 PM
  • Billie

    Same thing. They left a voice mail saying they had my new EMB Terminal ready to ship. Said we would be held liable for counterfeit card transactions if we did not support the new EMB transactions. I also called my CC Provider, they told me they would contact me in when it became mandatory. Said they are just trying to get your business. I think they should go about it in a different way. Who wants to do business with shady folks like this...

    05/08/14 5:34 AM
  • Kat

    Voicemail left on a Sunday! Saying stop being liable for counterfeit card transactions your EMB terminal is ready to ship call 800-309-0524. I looked them up an address in Florida and in Texas but not associated with our merchant services provider who I contacted immediately.

    04/28/14 10:19 AM

    got same message - Merchant services - left a message on a SUNDAY! said PCI/PED updates are mandatory. We're RETIRED!!!

    04/16/14 6:26 AM
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