(786) 410-3788

Phone Number: (786) 410-3788
Search Date: 2018-06-24
Area: Homestead, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (786) 410-3788

  • Rico

    they are calling from a call center. They either get commission per call or lose money talking to ppl that are not interested in their "Product".

    Since you can't sue them, call the FCC on them or other means to stop them calling you then do the same to them but you will cause them to lose money. Their time =money. SO call them back or request a callback number and waste their time. The more minutes you keep them on the phone the more money they lose. The more pl do this the faster they'll be out of business or at least make you feel better.

    Their Phone number: 786-410-3788

    03/31/14 2:54 PM
  • Kiikii

    I got a call from this caller didn't answer because I know people in FL I do not want to talk to then didn't recognize the number first time I get the call then I look up the number and find this well good thing my carrier lets me block the number bye bye scammers

    03/01/14 10:35 AM
  • des

    I swear it would be worth the 5 hour drive to walk in that office and drop a bag full of department store ink bombs right in the middle of all those a** holes....stop effn calling me!!!!!

    09/03/13 4:10 PM
  • rocky

    They keep calling me several times a day, usually don't answer. I did once to ask them to stop calling. The nice lady said before hanging up on me "Chinga tu madre". Sweet, huh? I don't think that's physically possible.

    08/16/13 1:13 PM
  • AJ

    Totally a scam but i think i pissed them off today they have been calling me several times a day everyday for the past two months so this morning having the day off and nothing better to do i called them back to back about 115 times just messing with them asking them to be my friend and telling them to go F their mothers by the end i got really familiar with some of their voices and one guy that i know i talked to about 30 times said F you man please stop calling first thing i heard in english by the way, so i responded ill stop calling you if you stop calling me to which he said ok ok no call no more, and i said are you sure and he said yes no call..... so far so good :)

    07/19/13 7:46 PM
  • oscar

    ya estoy harto de sus llamadas, tanto que cuando me llaman les digo que se lo metan por el cul* y rapido me dicen MARICON y cuelgan, ojala que ya los detengan, sin duda un fraude.

    07/11/13 11:43 AM
  • franco garcia

    no dejan de llamarnos y vendernos cursos de ingles son estafa cuando preguntamos la compaƱia cuelgan

    07/05/13 8:19 PM
  • Anonymous

    How do I stop it

    07/04/13 11:14 PM
  • Rick

    Holy *** these assholes are annoying! Rude as hell!! If you speak English they hang up. If you ask to be removed from the calling list they say there is a fee.. 100% Scammers. How do I get them to stop?

    06/27/13 10:53 PM
  • Joe

    They identify themselves as the "Instituto de Idiomatizacion" or "Departamento de Idiomatizacion del Estado" which would roughly translate to something like "Institute of Language Teaching" or "State Department of Language Teaching" and offer you free English lessons. However, they're very persistent about getting your personal information and don't seem to care too much about delivering on the promised free English lessons. Seems like a scam aimed at immigrants from Latin America, most likely elderly, who don't speak English. Some real slime, if that's the case.

    Se identifican como "Instituto de Idiomatizacion" o "Departamento de Idiomatizacion del Estado" y te ofrecen cursos de ingles gratuitos, pero solo quieren su informacion personal y no te quieren dar informacion sobre sus cursos gratuitos. Si les preguntas quienes son, y donde se ubica su instituto, te cuelgan. Parece ser una estafa.

    06/18/13 9:56 PM
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