(786) 275-5053

Phone Number: (786) 275-5053
Search Date: 2018-06-19
Area: Miami, FL
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (786) 275-5053

  • Ken

    called me twice already in one day. WTH?

    02/25/13 5:38 PM
  • Scarlett

    calls and when I answer they hang up. I am on a do not call list.

    02/07/13 5:25 PM
  • Jordan

    Got it today. After a brief silent delay it connects you automatically to a telemarketer in a room full of busy telemarketers.

    02/02/13 12:24 AM
  • Kate

    Calls our office and does not say anything when we answer

    01/28/13 4:11 PM
  • peace

    got a call from the 5053 number today. The guy had a problem with the english language. He asked three times to confirm the name of my business. I hung up.

    01/24/13 6:26 PM
  • Me

    It is "Me" again - I just called the number back, and a man with an Indian accent answered "hello?" and I told him someone called from this number. He went on with his story about me being a member of their service, and he needed to update my information. Al the while I was asking him what service it was, and he did not give me an answer. It was annoying because I kept hearing an echo of my voice, usually when this happens it means you are calling overseas. I asked if I was calling India and he said no, Florida. I told him I was not interseted and he tried to keep me on the line but I hung up. Seems very suspect.

    01/03/13 5:37 PM
  • Me

    I got a call from them twice now. They asked if I they could speak to business owner. I said that I was a counselor/sole proprietor, and what was he trying to sell? He said that he was looking for a counselor, as he needed help to find a hospital to go to. I asked him, are you calling from a call center? He ignored me and repeated his request. Also had an Indian accent. Then he hung up. Today, same number called again and there was just weird music, then hung up.

    01/03/13 5:32 PM
  • Anonymous

    Called to speak to "owner." Background noise indicated it was from a call center. I asked to be put on their "do not call list." He said it would cost $5. Incredulous, I asked who he was calling on behalf of. He said "Yellow Pages." I asked for his name. He said "Brian O'Conner" (with an Indian or Middle Eastern accent - pretty funny). I checked reverse phone lookup and number is a landline near Miami FL. Asked for his address, he said Miami Florida, 4154 West 10th Lane. This is a real address in Hialeah, FL (looks like a condo) but I would be surprised it it's actually where he was calling from. Asked how he obtained my number, he said "NAITS, North American (something unintelligible)." Scammer. Avoid or try to get info to shut them down.

    01/02/13 7:49 PM
  • Joseph

    Either the Turds don't have an identity of their own or they are ashamed of their cowardly identities.

    12/21/12 6:36 PM
  • Liam

    junk id caller. Stop. we are hearing impairment.

    12/06/12 5:56 PM
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