(786) 204-4358

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Phone Number: (786) 204-4358
Search Date: 2014-04-19
Area: North Dade, FL
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (786) 204-4358

  • samantha

    Got a call 915pm. 3/27 answered so wouldn't wake my kid. They hung up right away.

    03/28/14 1:00 AM
  • Anonymous

    Just got a call from this number at 10pm!! WTH!? Woke my 3 year old up. Not a happy camper.

    03/27/14 10:48 PM
  • ugh

    called my cell at 9:15 pm on 3/24/14, spanish speaking robo voice call. its a one ring scam...if they answer when YOU call back, you pay $20 and $9 per min after that. Don't answer don't call back. Block & report.

    03/24/14 11:14 PM
  • Scott

    I'm in Eastern Washington State. They called last night @ 9:16 pm. I picked up call but just listened. They hung up. Blocked number

    03/21/14 10:33 AM
  • Anonymous

    Called mymom within a few hours while we were at somke state championship basketball games. I have an iphone and accidentally hit the answer icon on it while i was pullingi toutof my pocket, so just hung up immediately.

    03/11/14 12:31 PM
  • Upset

    I am on a do not call registry and still get these annoying phone calls. The Federal Government should do something about this

    03/08/14 8:04 PM
  • Annoyed

    ***ing scammers...

    02/17/14 2:13 PM
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