(778) 846-4209

Phone Number: (778) 846-4209
Search Date: 2019-03-23
Area: Vancouver, BC
Provider Type: Wireless
Carrier Info: TELUS

Comments (778) 846-4209


    Mr Gill mr Singh mark mr Mohammed good names but we all know who you really are only a matter of time before you actually get caught with harassing and leaving bs comments on this dumb web site about people you don't like. Karma is a very powerful things and to the poster boy who posts all these comments KARMA is on it's ways wish you all the best in you're pathetic life noting better to do with you're life then to take time out of you're day to think about other people is your life that boring is your life really that boring are you a lonely soul were you abused as a child touch maybe anyways I really hope your life gets a lot better because it seems to all of us here at your life is really really pathetic

    01/11/17 7:59 AM
  • God

    All comments made the same night dec 29 at 9:50 pm
    Sounds like the same person with different names leaving comments. All these comments are the same with other phone numbers as well make sure me wonder and think that this ruscammer is bull crap and a fake web page

    01/11/17 7:49 AM
  • Mr Mohammed

    Bad news guy un kept type.

    12/29/16 9:50 PM
  • Mark


    12/29/16 9:50 PM
  • Mr Gill

    This is the guy with a blocked number he is a friend of Martin a gay tranny.

    12/29/16 9:50 PM
  • Mr Singh

    Bi fat pig run faster.

    12/29/16 9:48 PM
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