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Phone Number: (770) 406-6720
Search Date: 2017-12-17
Area: Cumming, GA
Provider Type: Landline

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  • I Know Better

    Same old story. Someone tells you about some bad debt and they will file papers. This is a scam people!!!

    It comes in as a local number. "Investigator Green" was dumb enough to give me all of this info because they thought I was sending them something. I am...a lawsuit!!!

    First of all, if someone is going to serve you papers, it would be law enforcement, not an individual. They didn't even know where I lived. All they want is for you to get scared and pay them something.

    Secondly, tell them that you want the papers served so you have credible evidence for your court case. You can also tell them that your call is being recorded...that makes them immediately hang up.

    Please DO NOT give them ANY information. The more info they have, the more they can harass you and your family. They will do anything to get you to pay them something. If you know how to play the game, they get upset and will stop calling you.

    06/20/14 1:40 PM
  • Terry

    they call me evry week saying i have a warrant out for my arrest--scammers-they don't even know my name!

    06/12/14 1:43 PM
  • Paul

    Have repeatedly , Left messages on my cell claiming to be investigator Parker, investigating possible check fraud warrant. Asked for return call. When called they gave out the name of a closed collection agency. When a police officer I had called to report their harassment tried to speak to them they hung up on him. He took my report:)

    02/26/14 2:32 PM
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