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Phone Number: (767) 275-9061
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Roseau, DM
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (767) 275-9061

  • Joyce

    What an atrocious attempt to diddle someone out of who knows what - very heavily accented male saying he needed to "talk to main computer user about something wrong with the computer" (his bad English, not mine). Caller ID showed the call as coming from Roseau DM. Very creepy and unsettling.

    02/19/14 12:53 PM
  • Tony

    I got a call from them about a month ago saying that my computer was slow and I needed to have them come online to check it when I told them I was out of town and wouldn't be home until late the next day he got angry and hung up. He just called back, said he was from "E Computers Support" I think. Sounded like same guy, Indian accent. I was home, but told him I wasn't he then just hung up on me. Couldn't find the company he said, but I may have misheard.

    02/11/14 3:14 PM
  • Mr. M

    Same call ID came in today, I did not answer and my phone allows me to block the number. Thanks for past comments!

    01/22/14 12:42 PM
  • Bob

    Called at 11:25 AM and asked for "Donna", told them they had wrong number and hung up. Called again at 2:21 PM and caller id showed the same name, Dominica, so I answered with "You still have the wrong number." The male on the other end got angry and began a tirade of threats, telling me he had my phone number ( which he did, he called it.), my name, (didn't) and the city where I lived. (Not even close.) He then threatened me first with violence, then that "my police were on their way to arrest me." (Just hope some poor schmuck in the city they think I live in doesn't get hassled by the cops.) A search on the 'net shows this site and a number of others, activity on this number seems to have started around Dec. 5, and there are some reports of exorbitant call fees if you call the number back to try to find out who it is.

    12/12/13 6:28 PM
  • Lisa

    phone call today @340 on my cell phone, been to the bahamas but didnt give my # out to anyone?

    12/12/13 4:23 PM
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