(757) 655-5407

Phone Number: (757) 655-5407
Search Date: 2019-02-19
Area: Parksley, VA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (757) 655-5407

  • JW

    Called and asked if was a supporter of the Democrat candidate for governor of VA. He said I understand you are a supporter of Terry McAuliffe. I asked where they got the information. Someone was doing door to door surveys in my neighborhood, and I am guessing it was pretty simple to search for my name and phone number. As soon as I asked where he got the information, he hung up. He was very halting, and the call wasn't very clear, like he was on a speaker of some sort, because any noise I made caused him to cut out .

    10/15/13 9:25 PM
  • KB

    Democratic National Committee------------ calling registered Republicans and hanging up

    09/18/13 1:59 PM
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