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Phone Number: (731) 707-4696
Search Date: 2018-05-27
Area: Big Sandy, TN
Provider Type: Wireless

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  • Me

    The calls come from a franchise type telemarketing company. The soliciting company is called Public Safety Inc. they solicit funds for seven or more different organizations such as breast cancer, veterans, fop and firefighters. BUT in all truth less then 10% really goes to the cause they are raising funds for (check the State Atty Generals Office). How they operate is this: if they sale you on one program they will attempt to call you back and pitch you on all the other programs while pretending to be a different cause. After they are done with the leads they sell your information off to other companies as a "warm lead". Thus you will get calls from tons more companies, so on and so forth.

    Federal Law is if you specifically tell a solicitor to "take me off of your calling list" they have to immediately do so, if not, they can receive a $25,000 fine for every time they contact you (depending on state laws). Keep a log book of date called, when request was made to be removed. Then submit a complaint with the state atty general.

    The reason I'm posting this is because I work for the Nashville Firefighters Association here in TN. We have conducted our OWN fundraiser here for over 30 years with benefit concerts downtown. This company constantly strong arms, lies, berates & harasses our citizens to support them when NONE of the money they get helps here locally. Its hard enough to raise funds as it is without a boiler room company misleading our citizens. Hope this helps!

    12/11/13 5:29 PM
  • annoyed

    Why is the DO NOT CALL system not working?

    08/10/13 11:08 PM
  • Hudson

    Caller ID said "BIG SANDY TN" the woman on the phone gave a spiel about sending out packets for Breast Cancer donations.

    01/31/13 10:08 AM
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