(718) 839-6905

Phone Number: (718) 839-6905
Search Date: 2014-04-23
Area: New York City Zone 04, NY
Provider Type: Landline
Timezone: Eastern

Comments (718) 839-6905

  • Anonymous

    I have recieved 3 calls from this number today. Ashley from academic adviser asking me about enrolling in school. I would bet it's a recording scam.

    04/16/14 6:24 AM
  • Susanne

    They just started calling me today, 5!! calls within 2 hours!! and not a single proper message!!, only a youngish sounding female asking for me by name and then a bunch of static and background noise - definitely unprofessional. I almost answered b/c I'm currently job hunting but decided to google the number first, good thing I did. I am also listed on several job search websites but have been for years. The only thing that happened out of the ordinary today is I changed my search alert on beyond.com and deleted a bunch of their emails.

    03/26/14 6:41 PM
  • kay

    I got a call from them on my cell with no message. And I am using a job search site also.

    03/13/14 11:28 AM
  • sorry not this time

    Somebody needs to contact beyond.com. I signed up for their job search services and I have been receiving these calls m

    03/02/14 8:26 PM
  • Jay

    Some female calling saying shes from a company called Academic Advisor, wanted to know if I was happy with the school I was in. Probably got my number from my resume online.

    12/17/13 2:44 PM
  • Deb

    I just got a call from this #. Young sounding girl identified herself as Ashley from Acedemic Advisement. She wanted to ask me a few questions to determine what courses I should take. When I said Why are you calling me? She hung up

    12/17/13 1:32 PM
  • Bill

    Received (3) calls within an hour from this number. I answered the first one and a female voice identified herself as an academic advisor...I hung up. I did not answer the second call approximately 23 minutes later, but I did answer the third call. I promptly told the voice on the other end to stop calling and I didn't want their call... they promptly hung up..

    12/13/13 8:17 PM
  • Mike

    Worthless scumbags called me during Jets game

    11/24/13 2:35 PM
  • sct

    got a robocall from this number. they claimed to offer aid in applying for higher education. i started answering calls with "NO" for every answer to confirm if this was a live caller (questions were looping), and they hung up when I started saying random things like "sushi", "tacos" or "popcorn" to simple yes/ no questions.

    11/21/13 4:39 PM
  • Joey

    These jerks rang me at 9 a.m on a saturday,i have call block so i blocked them and it gives the option of filing a complaint with the fcc so i did

    11/16/13 10:10 AM
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