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Phone Number: (718) 205-0445
Search Date: 2018-05-25
Area: New York City Zone 08, NY
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (718) 205-0445

  • Travis

    Same deal except I asked for a call back number and he said F*** you and other obscene things about my eye sockets, etc ....

    10/22/13 8:44 PM
  • MBC

    Received a call from a man with and Indian accent. Caller ID said " Jorge Jara". Caller stated he was from Microsoft and that our computer was sending error messages and wanted to help correct it. When asked about why caller ID says "Jorge Jara", caller hung up.

    09/21/13 5:13 PM
  • DE

    I have been receiving calls from this number lately -- always a hangup. I don't have caller ID.

    Reading the other comments about this number, I recognize that I've talked to them multiple times before. I use Linux so I try to let them describe in detail the source of the messages or ask for the IP address that reported the problem. They, of course, cannot provide any information.

    Their spiel has gotten more generic over time -- the most obvious lies they told early on are now worded differently to be less obvious.

    09/12/13 6:37 PM
  • Melissa

    I have been getting multiple calls from them, and each time they would hang up. The first time they finally answered I told them to stop calling. Today I got another call from them, and a man with a heavy indian accent started in with his speech, and I asked him to get a manager. I told him I didn't want to talk to him, I wanted to talk to a manager. He argued with me that I didn't need a manager, and his manager was busy. I said I didn't care, I wanted the manager. He argued some more, before finally hanging up on me. They call again, they will get a cussing.

    09/06/13 2:00 PM
  • Dave

    I got the same call and had a lot of fun, led the guy on for 15 minutes until I told him i was fully aware that he was trying to scam me. He then got REALLY mad and dropped a bunch of f-bombs directed at me and my family! He must have thought I was going to deliver quite a payday for him!

    08/28/13 5:23 PM
  • Charles

    I received a call from this number and some guy with a heavy Indian accent said he was calling from Window$ support and told me that my computer was sending out some kind of error message. I told him that I used Linux and not Window$ then he started asking for someone by the name of Marianne and I told him he had the wrong number. He actually apologized then hung up. I think it's an obvious scam. He called me on a Pennsylvania forwarding number which only a couple of my friends in PA have.

    08/13/13 8:48 PM
  • Jane

    I just got a call from this number. The caller ID said New York. The guy on the phone identified himself as "Erik" from Microsoft, and said that they had detected that my computer had been downloading malicious files from the internet, and he would need to set up remote access to my computer to fix it. I'm not using any Microsoft products, so that was an obvious red flag. I said "I don't think so," and hung up. I hope no one is falling for this scam, but I fear that people are.

    07/25/13 6:31 PM
  • Ian

    Just received a call from the above number Jara Jorge is what showed up on caller ID. Lots of static when I answered. Was then disconnected.

    07/10/13 9:33 PM
  • Kathy

    Called ID said "Jara Jorge". Caller had a heavy Indian accent, said it was Windows support services. They claimed to have detected a problem with my computer, it was about to crash. When I said we had 5 computers and asked him which one it was, he said I had to turn one of them on and give him some information to figure it out. I asked for a callback number, he gave me a bogus number that had more than 10 digits. Then I asked why his caller ID said Jara Jorge if he was really from Windows, he hung up the phone.

    07/10/13 12:38 AM
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