(714) 202-3195

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Phone Number: (714) 202-3195
Search Date: 2017-12-16
Area: Orange, CA
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL

Comments (714) 202-3195

  • rick

    they called and hung up I called back they are National Small Business Allience wanted to sell me a low interest loan even after I confirmed for them I was not the business they thought they call I requested they have their robot stop calling me since they have no idea who I am anyway and he still wanted to qualify me for a business loan hello dude have you not heard a word I said?

    06/24/14 3:34 PM
  • Stephanie

    These people call my business constantly and hang up on me! I called back and finally reached a guy who was a total ass hole! Hate them! Hope they die!!!

    05/27/14 1:53 PM
  • Sam Daniels

    Tous Software Corp. calls constantly even though we are on the DNC list. Their corporate hq is in Florida and the CEO's name is Felipe Hidalgo. strangely enough he is also the treasurer and secretary. The company is listed as active and "for profit".

    12/16/13 2:33 PM
  • Expat

    These guys do not give up, calls multiple times a day , we are also on the DNC list. Which seems as good as a chocolate fireguard. Reported anyway.

    11/12/13 6:58 PM
  • Ronin

    714-202-3195 calls our business constantly. It's a robocall offering low interest loans. Says to Press 1 to speak to a representative or press 9 to be removed from their list. Pressing 9 does NOTHING. Pressing 1 attempts to connect you to speak to someone, but each and everytime it disconnects. Reporting the calls directly to the FCC.gov website, as we are on the DNC list.

    09/24/13 5:04 PM
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