(713) 955-5656

Phone Number: (713) 955-5656
Search Date: 2018-06-23
Area: Houston, TX
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (713) 955-5656

  • Eric

    Yes, another scammer phone call. Don't bother answering it.

    09/05/14 11:57 AM

    They are some sort of diabetic supplier have asked them not to call but they continue calling sometimes several times a day and they don't stop

    09/04/14 9:49 AM
  • Dee

    I'm on the west coast of Canada and just got a call from that number. When I said "Hello" I heard a few "technical" clicks and then a final "hangup" click. No words, mechanical or real were spoken from the other end. When I say "technical" clicks ... it almost felt like they turned something on (activated?) from their end. Not being paranoid but who knows anything is possible! Have a great day everybody :-)

    08/06/14 10:31 AM
  • Ms_L Houston TX

    This number has called me a number of times yet when I answer no one responds no recording begin and nothing but dead air is what I hear. I am tired of the dang calls thanks to H2O BB's comment I remembered that my 5s has ios 7 and that means i now am equipped with block!! DUECES to the idiot who keeps calling me

    07/16/14 1:53 PM
  • JJ

    This is yet another outfit wanting to sell diabetic supplies. Wanted to "ask some questions" to qualify me. Hung up when I loudly said "NO".

    07/14/14 9:20 AM
  • Lindsey

    Starts as a recording, when I asked "is this a recording" a woman yelled "No" then hung up.

    07/09/14 7:54 AM
  • Nate

    They call me often. I have never answered. They never leave a message. Must be a scam. I do not recognize the area code. Supposedly it's in Houston, Texas. I wish they would stop calling me. Based on other people's complaints, it won't even do any good for me to answer it next timt just to yell at them because it's a recording. Bastards.

    07/08/14 8:53 AM
  • H2O-BB

    I got called several times from this number. I never answered the calls still annoying just the same. So I BLOCK them on my iPhone. Poof bye-bye 713-955-5656

    05/09/14 10:09 AM
  • Jacob

    Got a call mid class, don't answer definitely a scam

    03/31/14 11:55 AM
  • Shelby McKinnon

    Definitely a scammer. Can't even yell at the person because it's a recording. Too bad they couldn't get a job or better, go to jail.

    03/18/14 11:42 PM
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