(703) 348-6523

Phone Number: (703) 348-6523
Search Date: 2018-06-19
Area: Arcola, VA
Provider Type: Landline

Comments (703) 348-6523

  • mj

    Get constant calls on my cell phone, I installed app called Mr Number, it automatically blocks them.

    05/23/14 10:23 AM
  • Lookeeehere

    Perpetrator identified .NRA TElemarketing Contractor
    InfoCision Management Corporation
    325 Springside Drive
    Akron, Ohio 44333
    Phone: 330-668-1400

    05/21/14 7:58 AM
  • Morris'Mom

    The people that call from 877-221-0577 and annoy you are from National Registry Association NOT the National Rifle Association. I have reported this to the National Rifle Association and they are looking into this to put a stop to this group. The NRA works hard to try and preserve your 2nd Ammendment Right while this national registry assoc. is one the biggest frauds in scammer history. Don't answer any phone calls from NRA or ones that have URGENT MESSAGE. Both are trying to fatten their wallets and decrease yours.

    05/17/14 6:53 AM
  • richard

    These jerks call me everyday, sometimes as early as 8:30 AM. The caller was a man who asked for a donation for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination. I told them to stop calling me, but they still call.

    04/22/14 1:02 PM
  • Rob V

    First off.... Joe is a moron :)

    Second if I ever find out who is really behind these aholes calling several of my numbers including cel's there will be some retribution going there way.

    04/05/14 3:15 PM
  • Impeach ThatPunk

    Aashole has been calling twice a day for weeks ... I am not there during the time he / she / it calls.
    A TREMENDOUS CUSSING STREAK awaits that mother-kfuc-er when I do get the chance...

    04/02/14 10:37 PM
  • Vince

    Joe is an unaware asshole. No decent organization plays rotten games like the number above. I'm a longtime member of the NRA as well. The scammers record good businesses presentation and bull*** dumb ***s like Joe.

    03/28/14 1:11 PM
  • Kevin

    I get multiple calls from this number per week, with the caller ID 'Urgent Alert'. It is a telemarketer for the NRA, or their associated NRA Institute for Legislative Action, which is the lobbying arm of the organization. Since these are calls for political donations, they are not violations of the Do Not Call rules, though the fudged caller ID might be. I am a Life Member of the NRA, and one of the complaints about the organization right now is the constant fundraising. So while the calls may be legal, I would have thought the extreme persistence of them would annoy everyone so much that they would be ineffective. If you want to donate, I would make the donation directly to the organization, in order to not reward the telemarketers who are certainly taking a big cut. So, not a scammer, but definitely a huge nuisance.

    03/27/14 4:20 PM
  • Barry

    3rd time this week from this number.

    03/12/14 6:24 PM
  • VaLin

    Sick of constant calls from this number. Early morning, middle of the day, late night. Never anyone at other end. Just called number back. "You have reached the National Rifle Association......" Chose menu item to "learn more" and eventually got to a menu item where I could have my name removed from their call list. Hope it works!

    03/11/14 4:04 PM
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