(702) 830-4609

Phone Number: (702) 830-4609
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Las Vegas, NV
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: CENTRAL TEL. CO. - NV

Comments (702) 830-4609

  • Jon

    Are you a glass half full or empty kinda guy? I gotta log off now :( text me if you wanna talk :-)
    Jessica pellerin

    11/08/13 9:20 AM
  • Corey

    Lisa Haggen on Facebook sent me a message that reads, Liked your pic so I added you. Have you meet anybody cool on here yet? I hvae to go right now. Text me sometime 702-830-4609.

    11/06/13 5:54 PM
  • ray

    Hit me up some time 702-830-4609 :-)702-830-4609

    10/27/13 10:59 PM
  • Pat

    Thanks 4 adding me..
    Do u like four twenty?
    ugh I need to sign off rihgt now
    Text me today 702-830-4609

    same thing

    10/26/13 9:25 AM
  • Juan

    Yes I also had one mutual friend but there is 1 picture on the acct only, obv bull bc my pic is of me and my WIFE!!! lol

    Liked your photo, so I added u.
    Do u like piercings?
    I have to log out right now
    Hit me up today 702-830-4609

    10/24/13 10:00 AM
  • Jason

    A facebook account with only 1 photo (usually a red flag) added me. Then messaged me:

    Hey whats up?
    Hows your day been so far?
    er.. I gotta sign off right now : (
    Hit me up some time 702-830-4609

    10/22/13 10:36 AM
  • jk

    Just got this message from the same number.

    I just added u cuz I liked your picture.
    What do you usually do on the weekends?
    er.. I hvae to go right now :<
    Hit me up sometmie 702-830-4609 k?

    10/21/13 11:00 AM
  • mark

    Nicole Boardwine added me on facebook sending me

    Thx for adding me..
    What's your fav hobby?
    er.. I need to loguot right now :(
    Hit me up if u wanna talk 702-830-4609 :)

    I tested the number to see if it was real, because she did have mutual friends of mine. I got the disconnected number voice message and no one responded.

    10/20/13 10:03 PM
  • BMM

    Jessica Wainman is a facebook scammer and this is the message I received from them.

    Hey hows it going?
    You seem familiar, do we know each other?
    hey I need to lgoout right now
    Txt me sometime 702-830-4609

    10/19/13 6:12 PM
  • dave

    hey guys, this person added me on facebook but it seemed way to i asked if iknew her and she said he had to run but sent mt the phone number here. good thing i hadnt responded...

    10/18/13 5:23 PM
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