(702) 576-0461

Phone Number: (702) 576-0461
Search Date: 2018-01-19
Area: Las Vegas, NV
Provider Type: Landline
Carrier Info: CENTRAL TEL. CO. - NV

Comments (702) 576-0461

  • pissed

    Glad I read these. I just got two calls from them also. Funny thing is, I did call them at their 611 number this morning regarding all these strange calls coming from unknown numbers. I wanted to block these number since it wastes my time and it irritating. They told me they couldn't block them. i found that strange since I have other numbers block before.

    12/03/13 4:03 PM
  • Dee

    Received it today twice early as hec in the morning, ignored it googled saw it was tmobile ok. Now I know better for next time.

    12/03/13 12:33 PM
  • Brett

    T-Mobile just replaced a defective garbage LG phone with the same garbage and now they call every hour wanting to conduct a customer satisfaction survey? T-Mobile, read my lips - your servce is the worst in the industry. Add in the multitude of tmes I tried to get to the phone, with a busted up foot, You just ruined my day. And healthwise, I don't get many good days, Time to call the marketing department. Seriously. At least 5 calls today, with TWO outside the legal windoow of tim for marketing calls. Customer retention here we go.

    11/07/13 5:29 PM
  • Jessica

    So glad I read this, I too have received several calls today after calling regarding an issue with my phone. They really should leave a message or have it show T Mobile on the caller ID?

    10/31/13 6:56 PM
  • Gary

    I hope the research company working for T-Mobile and T-Mobile themselves get these comments. It would be good if they would change their practices. I wouldn't mind answering a short survey, but I never answer unknown calls. A simple 15-second voice mail message on their part would be all that is needed, and next time they call, I would answer it, and take the survey.

    10/22/13 8:47 PM
  • Steve S

    Got a call. Not sure what everyone is complaining about. It's apparently a follow up call. This would have been nice to know, I don't mind giving them feedback as I appreciate there service and an a loyal customer

    10/16/13 2:16 AM
  • I wish t-Mobile left a message

    Indeed. I just finished a customer support request with T-Mobile… So it figures that this call would be from them… I didn't pick it up… And I'm disappointed that T-Mobile didn't leave a message…

    08/08/13 4:59 PM
  • Director of CSR for T-Mobile (j.k.)

    yep. t-mobile, and calling to follow-up on customer service and not leaving a message is typical of the idoitic "thinking" in management these days. especially when i SPECIFICALLY requested NOT to get those calls anymore...GEEZ!

    07/09/13 12:45 AM
  • MyWord

    T-Mobile always does this after a call to customer service. I just place number on the reject list and bye bye phone call.

    06/14/13 6:10 PM
  • CRB

    Yes, I got a call from 1 702 576 0461 and I'm glad I read this information. I had no idea it was t-mobile. I too had called the 611 number requesting their service. T-Mobile should not practice this type of calling especially when it comes in from Nevada. I don't live in Nevada nor do I have any friends/family that have unknown numbers that appear on my screen. This is just stupid on T-Mobiles part and at the end of my contract I will be leaving.

    05/22/13 4:41 PM
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